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Help Desk Support Package

Hate to pay by the hour for support? Tired of receiving estimates for simple repairs, then finding that the project has ballooned out of control and you're stuck with a bill far beyond the original estimate? Then our Help Desk Support Package is ideal for your needs.

Only $50.00 per month allows you to have up to ten non-emergency help desk tickets answered to your satisfaction, regardless of the time it takes our technicians to respond to your issue.

With this cost-effective package, support is always one low fixed rate. And, as long as you have used our non-emergency help desk system, we will never bill you by the hour. Even if you use all 10 help desk trouble tickets in a month, we won't switch to billing you by the hour. We'll simply provide you with an additional Help Desk Support Package automatically. You don't have to lift a finger. And you'll always get great value with this package.

What's different about Globaltap? We don't feel that it's good business to squeeze every single penny possible out of you every time you ask for help. Imagine if you requested support 10 times in a month and were billed by hourly industry-standard rates, often at a one hour minimum. Now compare that cost with our low fixed rate of only $50.00 per month. It's easy to see how purchasing a value plan can save you a ton of money. And we believe that providing you with value and great customer service is why we're here.

The support you need at the prices you want.

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